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    Bionek Pharmaceuticals

    The Art of Medicine

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    Welcome to

    Bionek Pharmaceuticals

    The Art of Medicine

About Us

Bionek Pharmaceutical - BioMolecular NanoEngineering Klatch was incorporated as an independent pharmaceutical company in the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in the year 2000. Today, we are the largest company in Uttar Pradesh and we pride ourselves on our long-established heritage.

Our Founder Director Mr. Abdul Wafa the foundation for the company when he purchased an old pharmacy store. He has a passion for developing and marketing new products that contribute to human progress through advances in science and health. He started with a simple yet futuristic vision of providing the best medicines to everyone in the world, thus ensuring that every individual leads an ailment free life.

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Why Us

Best Practices

We diligently follow the best practices in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs and surgical equipment. Our practices are on par with the best pharmaceutical companies in the world and the end product is always of premium quality. We have the state of the art R&D facility with the best researchers working tirelessly to fabricate and create the best quality medicines.


The result of following best manufacturing practices of pharmaceutical drugs and surgical equipment has ensured that we produce supremely high-quality products. We are passionate about innovation and compassionate about our patients and hence do not compromise at any level in delivering the best quality of drugs and surgical equipment.

Supply Chain

We have the nation’s based supply chain and distribution network. We are the leading suppliers to the retail pharmacies in our nation. Our alliance with manufacturers from across the world has enabled us to meet the demand efficiently in the international markets. We constantly seek to expand our range of products so that we are able to meet the needs of our community.

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