About Us

Our History

BioMolecular NanoEngineering Klatch was incorporated as an independent pharmaceutical company in the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in the year 2000. Today, we are the largest company in Uttar Pradesh and we pride ourselves on our long-established heritage.

Our Founder Director Mr. Abdul Wafa the foundation for the company when he purchased an old pharmacy store. He has a passion for developing and marketing new products that contribute to human progress through advances in science and health. He started with a simple yet futuristic vision of providing the best medicines to everyone in the world, thus ensuring that every individual leads an ailment free life.

Mr. Ahmed is determined to provide the latest and innovative products to all the clients while delivering exceptional customer service and benefits that are second to none. The amalgamation of the two has helped us earn and retain the trust of our customers, and we continue to serve them with the same zeal and vehemence as our nascent days.

Every concurrence with a customer has been an enchanting and assiduous experience that added stupendous value to their lives, and that makes them reinstate their faith in our time and again. We have developed our relationship paying onus to our rich culture and heritage of selflessness and service and hence our customers are more like our extended family. We are twenty years older, stronger, and wiser with an unwavering determination to address the unmet needs of patrons across the world.


Our vision is to occupy the pedestal of the best pharmaceutical manufacturing company in the world by carrying forward our legacy of 20 years of being the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical drugs and equipment in our nation in terms of innovation, design, and quality, while being a socially responsible organisation delivering value to all our stakeholders.


Our mission is to engineer healthcare. We want to sustain in the manufacturing and marketing of top-notch pharmaceutical drugs and equipment all across the globe. Our surgical equipment is manufactured using cutting edge technology. We use innovative marketing techniques and a wide distribution network to sell our products in domestic and international markets.

We are passionate to turn any challenge into a solution and strive hard to provide value to our shareholders, customers, and society as a whole.

Our Founders envisioned a world full of healthy people, a society rid of problems, and individuals living long happy lives. Founding team entrenched Bionek Pharmaceuticals, twenty years ago intending to provide the best medicines for everyone in the world. We at Bionek Pharmaceuticals specialize in the manufacture and supply of generic medicines and surgical equipment to retail pharmacy sectors and hospitals.

Our manufacturing methods are always adapting to emerging technologies and make use of the best practices that are at par with the major pharmaceutical companies in the world. We have manufacturing, production, R&D, and marketing based collaborations with Effleurer Nutraceuticals and Frago World from the U.S.A. and U.A.E. respectively. With a strategic alliance in place with the mentioned pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, research-based organisations, and various health professionals, we have grown from strength to strength over two decades and have increased our global footprint to four nations.

We have a competent team on deck, for whom the moral duty and social responsibility comes over the profitability of the business, and hence, they perform at their best to deliver the greater good to the society. Investing in people means that we can always be confident that the needs of our customers are met. Our people are inspired by our vision and are passionate to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and their families. They always uphold the company ideals and values and help us surge forward with a focus on accomplishing our common goal that aligns with our mission.

Mr. Abdul Wafa

Director, Head- Sales and Marketing

Mr. Iftekhar Ahmad

Director, Head- International Business

Mr. Faiyaz Ahmed

Director, Head- Operations

Dr. Reyaz Ahmad

Director, Senior Advisor